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Advantages and disadvantages of sports kettles made of different materials

Sports kettle material is different, what is respective advantage and disadvantage?

1, Plastic sports kettle

The advantage of plastic is portable, heat conduction is slow, install hot water not very hot, the price is cheap. Drawback is not wear-resisting, material pledges unqualified can have harmful material.


2, stainless steel sports kettle 

It has the advantage of being strong, harmless to people without harmful substances and heat-resistant. The disadvantage is that the heat conduction of a single layer is fast and wear-resistant, the processing accuracy of the double layer is higher requirements, vacuum insulation, the price is more expensive.


3, aluminum sports kettle

Aluminum products for the advantages of light, stylish appearance. The disadvantage is that the heat conduction is too fast, hot water can not be taken, and aluminum products are too soft and easy to knock out pits, aluminum intake too much will cause harm to the human body.


Key requirements for sports kettles

1, do not leak

It contains two meanings: one is strong, the other is safe. The wild environment is bad and it is difficult to avoid bumps and bumps. If the kettle is not strong enough, for example, its opening is not closed tightly, not only will it lose the drinking water which is very valuable in the wild, but it may also wet the clothes, instruments and other articles with it.


2, portable

There are many outdoor use of kettles, sometimes on a bicycle, sometimes on a rock wall, which requires the portability of the kettles. While some containers made of soft materials, such as water bags and leather kettles, have the advantage of being irreplaceable, their size and shape can be changed according to the needs, which is undoubtedly a blessing for your already overloaded backpack.


3. Designed for special usage scenarios

The outdoor environment is very different, and there are many kinds of outdoor sports. In the case that only one hand can be used to drink water, the design of a bottle mouth that can be opened and closed with one hand or with the help of teeth is particularly important. When there are a large number of people and there is a need for camping and picnic, a collapsible bucket can effectively meet the water needs of the camp. In harsh conditions such as high altitude or polar regions, an insulated kettle that keeps your water from freezing will keep you safe.


How to buy a sports kettle that is comfortable, affordable and safe to drink?

1Look at the material.

A good sports kettle is made of food-grade material, and will not react with the dressing products.


2,look at the work.

Sports kettles with fine workmanship generally have smooth outer wall and inner wall, and there will be no bacteria breeding in dark grooves.


3, Look at certification.

Qualified sports kettles have passed the domestic inspection and certification, including foreign ones. When you buy them, please check whether they have passed the relevant certification.