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Choose the Right Plastic Water Bottles for Sports


Is it really essential for people to carry their water bottles whenever they go out for a stretch? Do you still quench your thirst by consuming lots of bottled waters? When modern people go out for exercises, such as excursion, hiking, and jogging, out of convenience, usually they prefer to drink bottled waters which are made of one-time use plastic containers. However, actually, carrying a plastic sports water bottle yourself is not only friendly to the environment but also friendly to your wallet.

Water is a necessity for the body. It helps to flush out toxins in the body, digest food, carry enough nutrients, and even lower the stress levels. Most people often forget to drink water or they don’t really know whether they are drinking enough water or not during or after exercise. Here is an easy way to remind yourself to drink more water - to carry a water bottle with you.

Which type of water bottles to choose?

Have you ever just randomly grasped one water bottle off the shelf? With so many water bottles in the market, and which one to choose for activities can be really confusing. Here, a kind of water bottle will be recommended.

Because activities or sports require people to move around frequently, thus, a lightweight plastic water bottle is better than the stainless steel or glass water bottles. A stainless steel water bottle is heavy and likely to cause dents and scratches when dropped, while a glass water bottle is not only heavier but also is prone to shatter into pieces when dropped and eventually cause injury for users.

How to choose the suitable plastic sports water bottle?

1. BPA-free and reusable material

The quality of the water bottle has a direct influence on people’s health, and unclean water easily leads to health diseases. When people are taking exercise or going out for a stretch, it’s common that they need to drink plenty of water, and it’s also obvious that they should drink non-polluted water which is free of leakage chemicals from the plastic materials.  

Therefore, when choosing the water bottle, choose the one without chemical bisphenol-a(BPA). BPA is widely used in daily necessities, such as food cans, baby bottles, and electronic devices. BAP is a colorless material which leaches potentially harmful chemicals into the liquids stored in them, and is prone to cause cancer, damage to endocrine and female reproductive system. Thus, people should aware of the importance of how BPA affects their health. There are quite a number of manufacturers provide BPA-free water bottles, when people choose the plastic sports water bottle, it’s essential for them to check the BPA-free label.

In addition, it’s wise to choose the water bottle which is made of reusable plastic material that is collapsible. In this way, the bottle can be recycled after disuse hence causes little pollution to the environment.

2. Lightweight and simple design

As mentioned above, due to the frequent moving around activities and sports nature, a lightweight water bottle is recommended so as to ease the burden of users. Thus, when people are buying the plastic water bottle, choose the lightweight ones. A compact and lightweight plastic sports water bottle makes it easy for users to take along for hiking, jogging, and gym.

Besides, it is obvious that people need to drink a large amount of water during and after exercise, and usually, they quench their thirst in a hurried way. Hence, the simple design of the water bottle mouth will be highly appreciated. Choose the one that is convenient in transporting water to mouth on the move, and always remember the principle “ease of use” when choosing a plastic sports water bottle.

For example, firstly, screw cap, flip cap and push-pull cap, which one to choose? Obviously, the flip cap and push-pull cap are always the preferred choices. Flip cap and push-pull cap are free of the removal of the lid from the water bottle, offering quick access to your liquid with just one-hand. Secondly, wide mouth and narrow mouth design, which one to choose? There is a long-debated controversy on this topic. However, for those who often go out for exercise, a narrow mouth water bottle is preferred. The narrow mouth is less likely to splash or spill out on your chest and enables you to keep drinking while walking ahead; hence, it’s much easy and convenient for people to drink from during exercise.

3. Strong impact resistance

It is normal that the water bottle may slip out of backpack or packsack due to violent bouncing up and down movements when people climb up or down the mountains, or may accidentally fall down from a high place. For example, if people are carrying a metal water bottle, it may cause dents and a glass water bottle may shatter into pieces when dropped.

Therefore, people are suggested to choose the plastic sports water bottles which are made of high-quality plastic material that features strong impact resistance. Only when the plastic bottle is rigid enough can people repeatedly drop it without the worry of damage and breaking.

4. Large-capacity storage

Those who go outside or far-reaching mountains for exercise sometimes have difficulties in refilling their water bottles. With the addition that people may drink a large amount of water during and after sports due to an intense exercise session, it’s quite hard for them to get liquid refreshment nearby with their small water bottle.              

Therefore, a plastic water bottle with large capacity storage should be given priority when buying a new water bottle for sports. A water bottle with a large storage capacity helps people stay hydrated whenever and wherever they are. 

Where to buy good quality plastic sports water bottles?

The plastic water bottle for sports is typically the lightest and therefore perhaps it is the most suitable choice for outside activities. There are many plastic water bottles suppliers in the markets, such as Camelbak Chute, Nalgene Tritan, and Klean Kanteen.   

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