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High Quality Well Designed Sports Water Bottles From China


During all sports activities, the metabolic rate of the person playing the sports or running will increase. The temperature of the body will also increase, and the person will start sweating to keep the body cool. This will result in loss of water and dehydration. Hence a person who is involved in any sports activity should consume water regularly to remain hydrated else the performance of the sports person will be adversely affected. Hence it is advisable for a sportsperson to purchase and use  sports water bottles, so that he remains hydrated despite playing for a longer period of time. 

Guangzhou Yinxin Plastic Company Ltd is a reputed Chinese manufacturer of plastic and rubber products based in the Guangzhou area of China. The company specializes in the manufacture and sale of a wide variety of plastic bottles. The insulated bottles and plastic bottles for sports are the main products of the company. The company has up to date production facilities with the latest machinery and technology. They also use the latest techniques available for manufacturing and procurement of raw materials. This ensures that they can supply the best quality plastic bottles at the lowest possible price.

Yinxin -High Quality Well Designed Sports Water Bottles From China

The water bottle for sports persons has been specially designed after considering the various requirements of the sports person. Most sports persons like runners and cyclists are drinking water from the bottle when they are also running or cycling. They often cannot afford to stop. Hence the bottle is designed so it is light in weight and can be easily carried. The bottle is also easy to open, it can be opened with the mouth or one hand only. After drinking it should be easily closed, and can be carried in a pocket or bag by the sportsman, or the person who accompanying the person.

The bottle is made of a single layer of Polypropylene plastic, which is grade 5 in plastic. This food grade plastic is used extensively for storing food and water since it is not toxic and does not have any kind of odor. The plastic will also not decompose when outdoors, though the temperatures are higher than indoor temperatures. The plastic used is of high quality and does not contain BisPhenol-A (BPA) which is often found in other plastic products, and interferes with the production of hormones in the body. The plastic also does not contain other chemicals related to BPA like BPS and BPF which may have adverse effects.

The manufacturer has water bottles of capacity 620 ml custom gym water bottle and 710 ml available for sportsmen like runners and walkers. Both these plastic bottles are similar in diameter with a size of 7.3 cm, however the length of the smaller bottle is 21 cm and larger bottle is 24 cm. The bottle for cyclists is similar in the material used and dimensions. However the body the plastic bottle is slightly different, since there is a provision for clamping it on the body of the cycle, so that the cyclist can easily drink water whenever he wishes. All other features are almost the same.

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The bottle is suitable for storing ice cold water, hot water and other drinks, and the taste of the liquid is not affected even if the water is stored for a longer period of time.The bottle is compact and light in weight, so it is easy to carry. It has a lifting type cap, which can be opened with the mouth or one hand if required. The cap has a bite valve, so after drinking water or the liquid, the bottle can be closed by pressing the valve. The valve is of the best quality, even if the bottle is rotated through 360 degree or kept upside down, no water will leak from the bottle.

The valve is made from food grade silicone for greater safety and hygiene. The valve is made using the process of extrusion. It can be replaced if required. Like the rest of the body, the cap of the bottle is also made from food grade polypropylene (PP) which does not have any smell, and does not contain toxins. It is also possible to get liquid by squeezing the bottle. The bottle and the caps are available in different colors depending on the requirement of the customer. The cap can be of the same color , or different color according to the convenience and application of the customer. 

The bottle has a large mouth so it is easy to fill with ice or other items which will liquify. It is also easier to clean the bottle after it is used and dry it. The bottle can be cleaned in a dish washer if required since it is made from durable PP. The shape of the bottle is designed after extensive research so that it is easy to hold the bottle while standing or running and drink from it. Water will flow easily from the bottle if it is squeezed. The cap used for the bottle is made of material which is of high quality and will not break if it falls from a height.

The well designed bottle can be used for a wide variety of applications including sports. It is suitable for all outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, horse riding and sports. It is extremely suitable for school and college students who feel thirsty, especially if they are traveling a long distance from their home. It is an excellent business gift for employees and others since many people spend a lot of time traveling daily, and feel thirsty, especially during hot weather. At home the bottle can be used as a utensil, for storing water, and also taken outdoors whenever required. It may also be used for staff welfare. 

The manufacturer of the water bottle has taken great care to ensure that only bottle of the highest quality are sold to the customer. Every bottle which is manufactured is tested for quality. The company has a well funded and professional R&D department, which ensures that the latest technologies are incorporated. The quality control department ensures that all the products are conforming to international norms of quality and safety. If manufacturing defects are detected, the product can be exchanged. The company has more than seven years experience in manufacturer high quality bottles for customers worldwide.