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Plastic Sports Water Bottles: Good or Bad


More and more people are interested in physical activities these days, whether they are simply working out for the health benefits or they are professional athletes who are making a career out of their respective sport. Either way, one thing you can guarantee to find in each athletic person's gym bag is a water bottle.

There are many types of water bottles on the market. They come in varying sizes, shapes and colours so you can easily find one that suits your style and needs perfectly. However, the question that is often debated is "what is the best material for my water bottle to be made of?" With the world going "greener" every day, people are doubting whether or not plastic water bottles are still the best choice.

Here are some of the pros and cons of choosing plastic sports water bottles:



If you are in the world of athletics, chances are, physical and strenuous activity is involved. You are constantly on the move: jogging, hiking, crossfit, etc. What you need is a water bottle that can physically handle all that. If you accidentally drop it, it should not break into small pieces that could even hurt you. A water bottle should be able to withstand the impact of falling from all heights, which is very likely to happen every once and a while. This is one of the key advantages of plastic sports water bottles, compared to other bottles made of less durable materials. 

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Plastic is one of the easiest materials to mould. This allows manufacturers to produce bottles of varying size and shapes, and it allows them to include features such as handles and sipping holes. The range of colours that a bottle can be found is also endless, whether the bottle is translucent or opaque. Shape and colour are also ways for consumers to differentiate brands. It is even easy to customize your own bottle for both personal or business purposes.


Due to its light material, plastic water bottles require less electricity to manufacture, which makes them cheaper to make, and therefore cheaper to transport and buy. The cost efficiency of plastic water bottles is the reason why they are the popular choice of consumers, especially compared to their stainless-steel counterparts. While they are quite durable, they aren't completely invincible - they can be damaged. However, they are so cheap that as soon as one is damaged, you can easily afford to buy another one immediately.


Due to their durability, plastic water bottles can be reused for long periods of time, given that they are made of the best quality and that they meet the strict standards of quality control. You can fill the same bottle with water when hiking and an energy drink when at the gym. Depending on how well you take care of your bottle and if you bought a reliable brand, your sports water bottle can easily last a few years, if not longer.


After you grow tired of your water bottle, or it has begun to wear a bit, then you can recycle it. The choice is yours between recycling it yourself for a DIY project or having it professionally recycled where it gets turned into something new entirely. Either way, you are saving the environment and the animals, as long as you don't just throw it out on the streets.

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For years, plastic water bottles were made with a harmful chemical called Bisphenol-A (BPA) which was linked with cancer. However, since 2010, most manufacturers promised BPA-free bottles. Fortunately, Guangzhou Yinxin Plastic Products Co., Ltd manufacture their sports water bottles without the harmful BPA chemical. This means that their bottles are safe to use for long periods of time.


Honestly speaking, this depends more on people rather than the product. It is a known fact that plastic, whether a thin layer to wrap food or thicker versions used for sports water bottles, it is hard to decompose. It takes thousands of years to decompose plastic. This extends the risk of it being eaten by animals and marine life, which could be fatal.

However, the flaw is not in the design, but on the consumers. People know that plastic is bad for the environment, which is why we came up with the idea of recycling plastic materials into other products. However, people are the ones who choose to throw their trash and plastic containers wherever they please, instead of a proper trash can or recycling bin for it to be disposed of properly.


All the pros mentioned above clearly describe what you get if you buy your sports water bottles from them. Not only can you get a water bottle that is customized to your personal preferences, you are also guaranteed the highest quality. The company prides itself in providing the best products for all its customers, whether they just order a few bottles or a dozen crates full. Not to mention, customers can get their products at a reasonable price.

Guangzhou Yinxin Plastic Products Co., Ltd only produce water bottles, so rest assured, they are specialists in this field. Yinxin water bottles are their main focus, which is why you will get high-quality products for an affordable price.

Their bottles can all be customized with regards to insulation, colour, size and shape. They also offer water bottles specifically for your activity. For example, if you are a mountain cycler, then you will need a water bottle that fits the bottle holder of your bicycle.

The process of ordering is fairly simple: First, you consult regarding the specifications and quantity of your bottle and negotiate a price. Second, you discuss with their design team in order to get what you want. Last, you get your quotation regarding your product, quantity ordered and the production cycle.

If you are a sport or outdoors person, or you are in the respective business, then you don't have to look any further for the source of your custom-made product.