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What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for plastic sports water bottle ?
It varies from various producers who embrace different technology and work with different raw materials providers. To be able to make sure the quality of sports water bottle , it's necessary for a professional maker to put necessary investment inraw materials selection before production. In addition to the well-selected materials cost, the manufacture price on it such as especially technology introduction, labour investment, and advanced equipment cost is also important.

With the years of continuous efforts, Guangzhou Yinxin Plastic Products Co., Ltd takes a stride in the development of sports water bottle. Yinxin Plastic Products has created a number of successful series, and insulated sports water bottle is one of them. We closely monitor and control the quality in every stage to extend the lifespan of the product. This product creates a comfortable feel when held in the hands. Yinxin Plastic Products will continuously shorten the product development and service response cycle. Its protective cover helps keep out gross dirt and germs.

All Yinxin Plastic Products employees are adhering to the development philosophy of plastic sports water bottle and actively implementing the spirit of plastic sports water bottle. Call now!
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